Amiina does more than facilitate a sponsorship program.  We believe children are inroads into families.  We are passionate about preserving, equipping and  strengthening vulnerable families so they can be the pillars of HOPE in their communities.  We do this through discipleship programs, basic business classes and skill training.  We also create space where widows come together, learn, share, pray and dream. 
Will you be a part of rebuilding famililes?


We believe that in order for the child to reach their full potential, it starts in the home. Our goal is to preserve and strengthen families so they can stay together. Because many of our children come from child-headed homes or their caregivers are widowed, they are very vulnerable. We seek to empower them and provide opportunities for them to become self-sufficient and grow in Christ.


Opportunities include:

Counseling, Vocational Training,

Discipleship, Financial Classes, Micro Loans

I helped those without hope, and they blessed me. And I caused the widow’s hearts to sing for joy.”  Job 29:13 NLT