Amiina does more than facilitate a sponsorship program.  We feel passionate about investing in all areas of these kids lives! From schools + teacher trainings, water-well repairs or pastor trainings + sports camps, we want to be apart in fulfilling any needs in these areas.
WE NEED YOU"RE HELP!  Will you join us in making a difference in these kids lives?


Giving to the Family Care Fund empowers and strengthens the families of the sponsored children of Amiina. Most of these families are headed by single moms/widows, grandmothers or guardians. There are even child-headed families.  These caregivers struggle to provide food for the children. Medical expenses and transportation expenses are also crucial needs. This fund brings life-giving hope to families.

I helped those without hope, and they blessed me. And I caused the widow’s hearts to sing for joy.”  Job 29:13 NLT


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