Families on Mission Together

Aside from the joy that comes from loving on the least of these, standing in the gap for those in need and being a voice for the voiceless, we find great joy in being on a common mission with our closest friends and family, both near and far! We could not do this without the people we stand shoulder to shoulder with in the trenches. It is our hope that as Amiina continues to grow, our sponsors would catch our vision, join our mission and become family.

Mike & Dede Wielhouwer


Mike and Dede have 4 children. Two biological daughters and two adopted sons from Ethiopia.  The call to adoption began through a dream Dede had in 1999 that became a daily prayer catalyst.  A phone call in 2002 regarding adopting from Africa became the next clear directive and answer to prayer which God used to finally lead them to their two sons. They brought their boys home in 2004 and 2005.  
Much has been birthed since that time, and much more is to come.  One seed has multiplied, and we pray for a generation in Uganda and beyond to know Jesus and to make Him known.  Amiina!

Jamie & Denise Lemmen

Leadership Team/Finances

Jamie and Denise have 5 children.  They adopted their two boys from Uganda in 2013.  They spent 4 months in Uganda during the adoption process and in that challenging yet beautiful time God knit a big part of their hearts to the Ugandan people and opened their eyes to the ripe harvest fields.  The Lemmen family is passionate about the expansion of the Kingdom of Jesus and preserving families by empowering them. They bring many gifts to the Amiina Team.

Kevin & Marcy Smith


Kevin and Marcy Smith are blessed with 7 children, 5 biological and 2 adopted from Uganda.  Through a short term mission trip in 2007 to South Africa, God opened Kevin and Marcy’s eyes and heart to the poor, oppressed, widow and orphan.  Since then they have been to Africa multiple times and each time coming back with joy and love for our African brothers and sisters.  It is their passion and call to be a bridge for the global church of Jesus to link arms and serve the fatherless and widows, bringing the Hope of Jesus. 

Noah & Dani Haverdink

Leadership Team/Strategic Planning 

Noah and Dani have 2 precious little boys.  They traveled to Kenya a few years back to visit their boy they sponsor through Compassion.  Their time in Kenya and meeting their sponsored boy lefted them changed and challenged.  They are devoted followers of Jesus with a lot of passion and creativity for advocating for the orphan and widow.  They dream big and come with energy and many other gifting that we are excited for.

Godfrey and Erinah are examples of passion and steadfastness in Christ.  They have three beautiful children.  They also are a “parental” support to many other  children.    Godfrey is a gifted leader.  He and his wife Erinah bring vision and passion to Amiina.  They are burdened for the widows in Uganda and are advocates for them.  Erinah brings her administrative giftings and insight to the ministry.  Godfrey  works at Words of Hope, an affiliate to Words of Hope in Grand Rapids Michigan.  Godfrey was also part of a sponsorship program that provided school fees so that he had the opportunity to become all that God created him to be. To know this family is to love them.


Archbishop of Uganda and Patron of Amiina Ministries

 Stephen Kaziimba  is Archbishop of Uganda.  He oversee's the Anglican churches of Uganda.God has put our brother in a position of influence and responsibility as a whole nation looks to him as their spiritual father.  He and Mamma Margaret are humble servants of Jesus. They have 4 grown biological sons, 3 daughter-in-laws and 3 granddaughters.   The Bishop met the Wielhouwer family in the States in 2002 and since then their families have shared a deep friendship and partnership in the spread of the Gospel.  




Director of Child Sponsorship Program

Isaac and Alice are dear friends and wholehearted servants of Jesus.  They have three children.  Isaac and Alice also have older children living with them whom they love and lead.  Alice was a child in the Compassion International sponsorship program for 9 years.  She speaks of the great blessing of receiving notes of encouragement with Scripture written from her sponsors.  She testifies of the great love she felt from her sponsors.  Alice is Director of the Children Sponsorship Program for  Amiina Ministries in Uganda. Pastor Isaac has just completed a year at Western Seminary in Holland Michigan, receiving his Masters Degree in Theology.  He is back in Uganda, waiting for opportunities to open as the country is still in lock down from COVID19.  He  assists Alice with the tasks of the sponsorship program.  Isaac and Alice are know for their deep joy in the LORD and their selfless love for others.


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