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Day 4: Glimpse of Heaven

Another incredible day in beautiful Uganda! After a precarious drive down a steep hill, our team worked to clean up a well. Margaret, sponsored by Aubrey + Jarod Rodgers, demonstrated the strenuous process that kids in the community go through multiple times a day to gather water from the stream. Water is such a blessing that I often take for granted. Using shovels, weed wackers, and rakes, they dug out the stream and cleared away dirt and weeds to make the spring more accessible. While working, I was blown away by the incredible beauty of the luscious forests and the variety in the plants growing. The emerald green environment showcased what an incredible creator our God is.

After working, some of the sponsors had the opportunity to visit the homes of their sponsor children. Aubrey + Jarod visited the home of their child, Margaret. Margaret lives with her dad and two sisters; sadly, her mom has not been in her life since she was 6 months old. They walked the steep trail from the spring, lugging heavy jugs of water to the small house of Margaret and her family. It was a very profound and powerful experience. It was an amazing feeling to find these girls living in a mud hut but saying to them, “I love you.” According to Aubrey and Jarod, it was a glimpse of heaven.

I, Carly, visited the home of Suunda Kenneth, the child my family sponsors. I met him two days ago, and it made my heart so happy to see his smiling face again. I was given the opportunity to meet his mother and his siblings. It was extremely humbling and convicting to see his home and the conditions in which he lives, which are so different from those in my life; but, with Amiina in his life hope exists for his future and the future of his family. When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up, he said a Bishop! I am honored to have been able to visit his home and to see the face of Christ through the smiles and love of Suunda Kenneth.

After lunch (yay for Matoke round 15!), we continued with more home visits to more Amiina children. At every home, the team was humbled to have the opportunity to meet these families, as well as other people from the community.

After an afternoon of these home visits, the team drove to Godfrey and Erinah’s home for fellowship and dinner. Godfrey and Erinah are incredible; this whole trip they have been serving both the Amiina children and our team. We are inspired by their dedication and the love which they pour out on so many people. After a tour of Godfrey and Erinah’s home (future home base of Amiina ministries!), we ate delicious food and ended the night with worship.

Throughout this trip, I have been in awe of the incredible beauty that is in this country. In the dusty buildings, remote villages, and beautiful green valleys, there is incredible beauty and kindness. God is doing incredible things in Uganda; he is using organizations like Amiina to shower these people in hope and to bring transformation to the communities. It is an honor to be here and to see the work that is being done. It has become clear to me that each sponsorship is a life changed and a glimmer of hope for the communities of Uganda.

* Written By: Carly Meulenburg


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