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Day 8: Embracing His Beauty

Today our team began the journey from Hope Speaks, which is in Kampala, to the Safari destination, Murchison Falls National park! It was a 6 hour trek, however, we upgraded to the safari vans that hope speaks uses for the safaris, which I think I can speak for everyone when I say we enjoyed the upgrade. Also, a s/o to our amazing hosts Ben and Kari who had Nutella, American syrup, and peanut butter at breakfast today! As you read yesterday, it was such a gift to get to see what God is doing through Hope Speaks.

The first highlight of the day was the falls. It was cool to see the Nile river - the point we were at is where it flows north to Egypt (fun fact, the Nile river is one of the few that flows south to north). Marcy reminded us of revelation 1: 15 “..His voice was like the sound of rushing waters”. It was beautiful and breathtaking. We had a few photo ops and were cooled off by the mist of the falls before jumping back on the road.

Next stop was the safari! We had 3 vans and we saw so much of Gods creation. At one point an elephant walked in between the vans and it was a majestic moment. We also witnessed quite a few giraffes and all determined we were professional photographers when they were standing in front of a rainbow. We ended today with seeing a leopard and a lion - the leopard in the tree and the lion on the ground. Tomorrow we wake up early to hopefully see more big cats! Today as we drove through the park, I thought about what it must have been like to walk in Eden daily with God. To not be afraid of the animals and to enjoy all of his creation. Our God is the creator and today I was reminded of just how creative He is. Also, another shout out to Ben for being our Safari guide! We are all looking forward to what day 2 here has in store.

Written By: Aubrey + Jarod Rodgers


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