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Seeing abundant Fruit + Growth, even in the drought.

He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is this not what it means to know me? Declares the LORD.” Jeremiah 22:16

Marcy Smith, Our Executive Director and Founder, is on the ground in Uganda and excited to share that God is STILL WORKING even during the COVID lockdown.

It’s always so humbling coming back to Uganda and seeing first hand how God is using Amiina Ministries. Today I pulled into the Amiina Community Center to be greeted by 4 of our older boys who are in vocational mechanics school. They were there working on changing the tires of one of our vehicles. They are becoming independent and yet giving back to the ministry. Seeing the friendship they have with each other and the trust and love they have with our staff blesses my heart. It has taken time for these young men to open up to each other, the staff, and our team.

I was also able to take part in morning staff devotions. Every day our staff gathers and seeks Jesus. One thing I continually learn for our Ugandans is what a devoted life unto Christ looks like. They are living and giving sacrificially because they are compelled by the Love of Christ. It humbles me to know they are not only praying for their families and the Amiina families we serve, but they are praying for my family and yours.

The baking and tailoring classes continue. Our teachers Stella and Jessica are a gift to our ministry as they show up every day and teach our kids skills that will be so beneficial to them in the future. The kids are now to a point where they can start to sell the baked goods they make.

A new addition to Amiina Ministries is Fred. He is our discipleship director. He holds Bible Study and discipleship classes for our kids. He has a passion to reach the youth and to disciple their hearts so that wherever they go they can be ambassadors of Christ, whether that is at school, home, their neighborhood or work. Being Rooted and Grounded in Christ is our theme.

I was also able to Visit Momma Victoria’s and Papa Stephen’s house where many of our younger children are staying. Covid Lockdown has been very hard on our littles children in the program. They have been out of school for so long, and many of them are unattended as their caregivers are working all day. Putting them in temporary foster care was a mutual decision made between Amiina Staff and their caregivers. They are in a safe and loving home with both a father and mother figure. They are fed three meals a day. They also have a teacher coming in to teach them for three hours a day. They are learning and memorizing scripture! Because of the new structure to their day to day, these little ones are flourishing. We praise God for the obedience of Momma Victoria and Papa Stephen to open their heart and home to our little ones until school resumes.

Life is so hard for the children and families we serve. Covid lockdowns have been brutal. But Amiina Ministries has been a beacon of Hope, a place of love and safety, a place where family is being modeled and the Father heart of God is being put on display.

I may be the one that is here, but I tell all the kids and families we serve, that I represent many of you who have joined this faith adventure and have invested into the lives of these precious kids, through prayer, support and love. I wish every one of you could see how your obedience and love is restoring hope and changing stories.

It’s priceless and immeasurable and I pray you have a deep joy from the LORD in your giving.

Thank you.

Written By: Marcy Smith


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