For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations. Isaiah 61:11


Do you want to make an eternal impact and be part of transforming families and communities in Jesus Name?  We invite you to give to our year-end Seed Project Campaign.   We partnered with some of the most devoted and Christ-like pastors and their families in Uganda who spend themselves for Jesus and His Kingdom.  The needs are great, the potential is greater. We are raising $10,000.00 that will go toward expanding and developing more programs in 2020. This will benefit not only the children/youth being sponsored but also their families. The majority of kids we serve are either orphaned or in a single parent home.   Some of these programs include health education, sports ministry for the youth, and widow empowerment through skill training and counseling.  Join families as we linking arms together and standing in the gap  for the voiceless.  Doing so we display the love of Jesus to some of the most vulnerable in Uganda,  raising up a generation who will be self sustained leaders in their communities.   The Seed Project Campaign button will take you to our Adopt A Box Fund Raiser where you can pick a box(es) and give any amount you choose no amount is to small.  This campaign will be going through the end of the year.   All donations are tax-deductible. 

We bless you and thank you for all you do for Jesus, it's immeasurable.



Amiina Ministries mission is to partner with indigenous church pastors and leaders in Uganda. We are seeking to empower, educate and equip people of all ages to break the cycle of poverty, preserve families and bring sustainable transformation to communities.


Amiina Ministries exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate God's Love by being a bridge for the Family of God to unite across the globe, family to family, living out legacy in caring for the "forgotten" and least of these in Uganda and beyond.



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