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Privacy Policy

Amiina Ministries Privacy Policy

Amiina Ministries Uganda does not share our donor information outside of our organization. Your name and contact information are held strictly confidential and used for internal AMU purposes only. Amiina Ministries Uganda will not trade, share, or sell donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations OR (2) it will only share or sell personal information once the donor has given the charity specific permission to do so.

Those who have access to our donor information include
- Ugandan Pastors are only sent names of recent donation information of only their personal gifts for the purpose of knowing who to thank.
- Ministry managers are sent contact information and recent donation information, only specific to their ministry, for the purpose of writing thank you notes.
What Private donor information does Amiina Ministries Uganda collect?

Our records consist of your name, contact information (address, email, phone number), and accounting of your donations. In addition, we keep track of our interactions with donors and keep note of any important information that would be beneficial to our relationship. For example: prayer requests, general background information, family make-up, connection to AMU, passions, volunteer preferences etc. We also keep track of contact preferences and do not contact if it is indicated by the donor.

How do you collect donor information?
We only collect information that is sent to us along with a donation or provided by the donor themselves. We do not use third parties to gather private contact information. Electronic Payment Information

AMU does not hold donor credit or debit card information. If we help a donor update their credit or debit card over the phone, we do not record the information in our internal systems. We do have access to some of your payment information (expiration date and last 4 digits of your card) through our online giving processors, REACH and STRIPE , but we cannot see the entire credit card number or CVV code for security purposes. Sponsorship Donors
Sponsor contact information, such as addresses, is removed from letters before they are given to your child. This is removed for your privacy and protection.
4897 Grenadier Dr. SW Wyoming MI 49509
AMU electronic records are password protected. Amiina’s staff is not allowed to share login information with anyone outside the organization. Our paper records are locked in secure storage.
Questions or Concerns?
We would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have or review the information we have on file for you.
We take your privacy seriously and want to honor any preferences you may have.

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