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Day 5: A Deeper Humility

The impact on our hearts today was unparalleled to what we have ever experienced. We started the day on a beautiful note, as some of the team woke early to see a beautiful sunrise over a horizon of banana trees. It was a moment of peace that reminded us of the beauty of God’s creation. Little did we know our hearts were being poured into only to break in a couple of hours.

Following a quick prayer upon arrival at the Amiina offices, we were greeted by incoming caregivers. Many of them being single mothers, grandmothers, or eldest siblings, and all responsible for providing and caring for multiple children. After another prayer over the group of caregivers by ‘Mama Marcy,’ the Ugandan women led us in a transcendent song to the Lord. By the closing of their song, most of the women were found in complete surrender. As they bowed to their knees, with many faces in dirt, the music segued into a barrage of prayer. The native Luganda tongue filled the air, and our hearts were broken open by the Holy Spirit. God was moving. We witnessed a new brand of humility seeing these women praising and calling to Jesus amidst a small bright spot in a burdenful struggle.

The prayer came to pass, giving way to powerful testimonies from a couple members of our team and a half-dozen caregivers. A few of the women even created a fun filled skit portraying their struggles, and what Amiina Ministries has done to help. Faces of joy covered every single Ugandan present, and they feasted alongside us for lunch. As we ate, we connected with the mother of our sponsor twins, Edrine Wasswa and Fredrick Kato. She goes by Nalongo, meaning mother of twins. We first met her yesterday during a brief home visit with the boys, but we engaged in much deeper conversation with her today.

We learned that Nalongo was widowed 10 years ago, at age 25. Alone, she cared for her five children all age 7 or younger. Over the years, her only source of income has come from gathering and selling water. The twins, now 15 years old, do what they can to help, but are very busy with their school that Amiina has enabled them to attend. She explained how incredibly thankful she was that they were so busy, and it brought tears to our eyes seeing how truly proud she was that Edrine and Fredrick were gaining an education.

Conversing with Nalongo really opened our eyes to the effect we create working with Amiina. Not only are we able to touch the lives of our boys, but we are able to be the vessels that God is using to answer their mother’s prayers. The gift we are able to give Edrine and Fredrick, has deeply humbled our hearts. And that is a blessing which we can not give a price tag.

*Written By: Nick & Megan Losinger


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