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Day 3: Visiting Schools + Sharing the Gospel

Today was another great day in Uganda! The team had the honor of visiting two schools and a college. The day began with with attending a grade school, which is referred to as a primary school in Uganda. Jarod and Aubrey had the opportunity to share a word to the students. They taught on John 10, God being our good Sheppard and us being the sheep knowing the voice of our Sheppard. After the word, Pastor Rod shared the gospel and three boys made a decision to receive salvation! Praise Jesus!

Megan, Quincy, Izzy and Carly then taught the Ugandan children a worship song, and turns out “He’s got the whole world in his hands” is a huge hit in Uganda! The team presented the school with soccer balls, kick balls, jump ropes, chalk paint and other supplies that so many of you generously donated! The team had the privilege of breaking in the toys with the students, where we got schooled in football (soccer). It was a great start off to the day and we then began our journey to the teachers college.

Once we arrived to the teachers college we got a tour of the facility where they showed us the water tanks that Amiina ministry has previously donated to the college. We also helped set up a 3rd tank that Amiina was able to provide. They drain water from the roof of the building to collect rain into the water tanks. It was humbling as we self reflected on America and how we have an endless supply of water constantly available. Previous to the water tanks, the students had to walk a long distance down into the valley to fetch water. Pastor Rod and Joe encouraged the students and shared a message with them. After that, the college showed their hospitality towards us and made us lunch which was amazing. We then travelled back to Mitiyana to the last school of the day.

The next school we visited was a secondary school, which is equivalent to a high school in America. It was fun to see some of the Amiina kids again - they are all so sweet.We planted Mango trees at each school as a reminder to be rooted in Christ and bearing fruit! Nick and Megan shared a word with everyone emphasizing that all of our gifts and talents are designed to work together with other believers as the body of Christ. Pastor Rod then got the kids HYPED for the Lord (imagine a football style huddle with LOTS of clapping). We brought more toys with us to the school and played some more football. Again, we can't thank those of you who purchased these gifts to the school!

It was another AWESOME day in the pearl of Africa. God was on the move and our team was challenged and encouraged by the Ugandans as we fellowship as family. Even though it’s easy to think that we are here in Uganda to serve the locals and help them, the Amiina staff and those around us have been pouring into us and we have been able to serve as a family.

They have truly welcomed us in and showed us a picture of Gods family, and being a part of it is a gift. The locals are extremely generous with their time and food. Everyone is more than willing to have great discussions, whether it’s about The Lord, family / relationships and cultural differences. They also serve us the very best food that they have to offer. Normally meat is only served with meals on special occasions but every meal we’ve eaten so far has been served with meat and it is been such a blessing. The Amiina staff is the best of the best. These people have been pouring themselves out and giving us nothing but the best. It is so humbling. It’s truly amazing to see the face of God in people from halfway around the world.

Written By: Aubrey + Jarod Rodgers


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