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Day 6: Sabbath

Our hotel views overlook the city of Kampala and we woke up very early this morning with a storm cloud covering Kampala. The view was super cool! We jumped into the vans and headed off to the urban church which was located in downtown Kampala. It took a bit to get to with all the morning traffic. This was our first time seeing the city with all the smells and sounds! It was all new to us!

When we arrived we where warmly welcomed by the staff. They checked our temperatures and gave us hand sanitizer. The city had a bad COVID outbreak so they where very careful to prevent that again at all costs. The church started at 7:30 and ended at 8:30. We started off with praise and worship which was super beautiful. The pastor gave a great sermon . Then we where all introduced to the whole congregation. Towards the end, Pastor Rod took over and gave an amazing sermon too. Then at the end they took offerings in big baskets made of wicker. We headed back to the hotel to rest a little bit. On our way back we stopped by a grocery store and experienced the different foods they have.

After driving around Kampala we finally arrived to the hotel and ate lunch and rested. A group of us went to walk around the city and almost got hit on the roads but we all made it to the other side alive! Think heavy traffic with no traffic lights! A group of Ugandans where clapping for us when they saw that the mzungus (white men) made it. They suggested that we walk instead of run! We would less likely get hit! Lol! We enjoyed walking around the shops and headed back to the hotel to hang out.

Later that afternoon, the whole team walked to the Arch Bishop’s palace for dinner. As the food was being prepared, Arch Bishop shared his testimony. His story was full of revolution and revival. A young poor boy with nothing became the man he is today (Arch Bishop over all of Uganda!) by the grace of God. As he was sharing, I began to get goose bumps and chills. After that, conversation about the past week began, team members shared their most impactful moments. It is amazing how everyone has different moments from the trip that influenced everyone uniquely. Some of these moments consisted of the hospital visit, home visit, cleaning the well, meeting their sponsored child, meeting the caregivers and the Ugandan worship.

Dinner was served and it consisted of noodles, rice, Ugandan ‘soup’, vegetables, fruit, fish, goat and soda.

Dinner was finished and Joseph, Arch Bishop’s son started playing the guitar. We sang many old hymns that brought many back to their childhood. At one point, we all stood up and started the train around the living room. Ugandan worship is so pure and meaningful. Nobody is self conscious and they worship the way they want to. The Holy Spirit definitely had a presence in that room tonight!

After the dancing, Pastor Rod spoke about his message he preached later that morning in depth. He dissected the text and applied it to our lives. The night conceded in a time of prayer and thanksgiving. The team went back to the guest house and the time consisted of hanging out and playing games.

It truly is an honor to know a man like Arch Bishop Stephen. He takes the youth under his wing, builds them into men and women of God, then sends them out to do the same. Arch Bishop is a modern day disciple. Amiina Ministries is encompassing the life he and his wife modeled and applying that to all of the sponsored kids and families. The harvest is great, but the workers are few.

Written by: Caden Lemmen + Logan Smith


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